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The premise of this Progressive insurance commercial is really clever.

They’re mocking the online conspiracy community like everything’s just a “conspiracy” — yet what they don’t know — is this commercial has just been uncovered to contain all the elements that expose itself!

This commercial is making fun of guys who show people the hidden truth in these commercials, but Jonathan Kleck reveals how they just exposed themselves.

Jonathan breaks down the commercial and shows how all the constituent parts are cryptic and it’s really to perpetuate an agenda of another race of beings that’s taken over the human race.


COMMERCIAL VIDEO: Progressive TV Spot, ‘Theory’

Description: Conspiracy theorists go back over old Progressive commercials in an attempt to find their hidden meaning. When their mother comes down in the middle of the night and tells them to keep it down, they are insistent that the neighbors need to be woke… or awoken… to the truth!

Slowing down the video, you will see up on the PROGRESSIVE board the name: LINDA.

Linda means a serpent; also: beautiful, pretty.

That’s fascinating, Linda means beautiful, and serpent.

Did you know that the Vatican is a serpent, and we got trapped in the serpent’s flesh (host bodies)?

The commercial starts, “Progressive claims to show people their competitor’s rates alongside their direct rates that save you money. But what’s really going on?

When played backwards at 1/8″ speed we can clearly hear …lively little locksmith… What could that mean?”

Wow — what did Jonathan Kleck tell us: the key to the kingdom of heaven is turning everything upside-down and backwards!

See? They are mocking people who are solving these riddles, they’re mocking us and labeling us conspiracy “theory” when in reality, it’s the spiritual truth.

“…lively little locksmith…” — Locksmiths make keys and open locks!

The Vatican courtyard is in the shape of a keyhole; it’s locked:

The Vatican building (St. Peter’s Basilica) is in the shape of an upside-down cross!

So the only way to open that lock is to turn it back the other way: turn the cross of St. Peter right-side-up to the cross of Christ!

When you repent, turn everything upside-down, and turn yourself toward Christ: the door of your prison opens!

Remember, up on the board, we saw the name: Linda meaning a serpent; also: beautiful.

We got trapped in inverted flesh bodies, in the serpent skin — the human body male / female people think it’s beautiful — but it’s the greatest illusion.

Now look at the name of the guy in this Progressive commercial: JAMIE.

Jamie means Supplanter.

Wow! That’s everything!

Supplanter often refers to governments and rulers of countries, and it comes from the verb supplant, which evolved from the Latin supplantare, meaning “to trip up or to overthrow”!

That’s because once we turn 180º, and apply the key to the kingdom of heaven, we supplant Satan’s kingdom!

How do we get set free from the serpent’s flesh? By turning 180º!

We turn from down to up, darkness to light! (Read Acts 26:18).

Satan’s job is to trip us up and cause us to sin and overthrow us.

Another race of beings is taking over from inside the human race.

We have our own evil twin: one right-side-up and one upside-down.

See how they split the dollar sign ‘$’? They doubled the image:

It’s only very brief — a flash track — see how they doubled the Progressive lady Flo:

Remember, Jonathan has told us that each person has their own double, their own evil twin, that wants to destroy you and you’re at odds with yourself.

Then they flash the all-seeing eye pyramid. Look how they lined it up, putting the tip of the pyramid pointing at Jamie’s left eye.

Then mom comes downstairs to find her son sitting with someone in a dark basement behind computers decrypting commercials, she says, “Tom, Tom! They’re just commercials.”

Tom replies, “Or.. are they?”

Then the mother replies, “You’re waking the neighbors!”

Tom replies, “Well Ma, maybe the neighbors need to be woke (awoken)!

The Bible says, “Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.” — Ephesians 5:14 (KJV Holy Bible)

Guess what, let’s see what the name meaning of Tom is. Thomas means twin!

WOW! What has Jonathan been saying: we all have our own evil twin inside of us that wants to destroy us.

The mother hits the light switch turning the light off in the basement and leaving the two men in pitch back with their computers screens.

The mother is trying to stop Tom (twin) from shining the light on these commercials and waking up the neighbors (out of the twin system)!

The commercial concludes with, “Revealing the truth to help you save.” — PROGRESSIVE.


The spirit of darkness behind this Progressive commercial just showed it tries to put out the light that awakens the neighbors, “ lively little locksmith…” is those of us who use the key to the kingdom of heaven!

Jonathan Kleck has a gift of spiritual discernment from the Holy Spirit and shows us the hidden spiritual meaning within all these commercials and the key that helps awaken the neighbors to Christ!

(See the big list of decrypted commercials: Hidden Messages in Big-Budget Commercials — That Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor! ).

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