What’s Going On In Taco Bell’s Commercial ‘The Belluminati’? You Need To See This

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Description: Taco Bell has recently released an extremely in-your-face cryptic commercial, let’s find out what’s hidden in it.


“There’s a powerful connection between the dollar and Taco Bell. Because it unlocks a world of 20 decadent menu items from breakfast to late-night for just a dollar each.

20 items for a dollar. 20 steps on the pyramid.

Who’s really behind this? Is it the Illuminati.. or the Belluminati?

Experience the power of the dollar at Taco Bell.” — transcript of ‘The Belluminati’ commercial by Taco Bell

COMMERCIAL VIDEO: Taco Bell ‘The Belluminati’

Jonathan Kleck applies his spiritual discernment of the Holy Spirit to decode what is really going on in this cryptic commercial by Taco Bell called ‘The Belluminati’.


“There’s a powerful connection between the dollar and Taco Bell..”

Take a close look — do you see the symbol they show in the security glow ink on the dollar bill?

That symbol is a type of transmutation circle:

“There’s a powerful connection..” that’s right because there’s a system below ground that’s a bunch of bugs (locusts from the pit) and the human race is connected to them!

That’s what the transmutation circle is all about: taking an angel, putting it in a human host body, and transmuting it when you die under the debt of sin then your energy goes to the pit where you become food for a locust.

Notice how they made the security strip with ringing bells — that’s just like the security strip on the $100 bill!

That $100 bill depicts New York City being destroyed! (See: Testimony From God: Urgent Warning Of A Soon Coming NYC Nuclear Tsunami).

Prophet Jonathan Kleck is a bell ringer announcing the end of the world and the second coming of the King of Kings, The Lord Jesus Christ.


See the circle they quickly drew around the “TB”:

That makes an ouroboros serpent.

21 — signifies rebelliousness against God.

0 — indicates zero time is left, “time’s up”.

20 (shown on the dollar underneath the 0) — means a complete or perfect waiting period.

Altogether, TB2355210 = TB (tuberculosis aka. “consumption”) is a very easy-to-spread disease, and they’re using it to mock everybody because it represents consumption of the 23 chromosomes, of the 55 (VV twin system); and 21 signifies their rebelliousness against God and 0 indicates “time’s up” because we’ve reached the end of the cycle, 20 a complete or perfect waiting period.

The bottom line is that this Taco Bell commercial is cryptically about: the consumption of us!


Look how there’s a wolf in a glass cage..

..and the wolf is very deliberately looking across the dining table towards that cross — and they’re having a big feast!

The commercial mocks saying, “20 steps on the pyramid..

..Who’s really behind this?

Precisely when they ask that question they quickly flash to a scene with a lady sitting there wearing a headdress you would commonly see worn on the Virgin — they just gave it away right there!

That’s what really behind this: the spirit behind all the mother goddess worship, it’s a spirit of darkness.

(It’s exactly like the headdress Beyoncé wore in her ritual, being a mother goddess figure like the Virgin — see: The Truth About Beyoncé’s Twin Ritual At The Grammy Awards).

“Is it the Illuminati? or the Belluminati?”

They’re ringing the bell that the time’s up for their world system while making fun of you because it’s time for the slaughter of everyone trapped inside.

You will notice throughout the commercial, they keep inverting the colors dark and light in this Taco Bell commercial, it’s to show their identity.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” — Isaiah 5:20 (KJV Holy Bible)

Jonathan also noticed this during the decode, the One Dollar bill has a crescent moon of Islam embedded in it!

(Look right at the shadow outlining the letter “O” — that’s a crescent moon of Islam!) — That’s whose “GOD” they trust in.

During the Taco Bell commercial look at her earring — it makes the crescent moon of Islam!

Notice her friend is wearing a black pyramid necklace and has one hand holding her smartphone with this metallic glove — representing the technology — the iron mixed with the miry clay prophecy.

Look how they framed this scene to show this girl with a burrito in her mouth like it’s a penis.

Now look at this guy holding his phallic symbol:

Is that a little spark of light right there at the tip of the phallic symbol? Is that where they’re getting their energy from?

As we can see there is much more to Taco Bell’s Belluminati commercial then one may first recognize.

The LORD has given Jonathan the ability to see the spiritual meaning that is behind the costume party.

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