The Big Secret About the Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl Commercial!

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The Avocados From Mexico “Secret Society” Super Bowl commercial was more than just a witty mockery of the conspiracy community.

This commercial is far more sinister than anyone could even begin to imagine.

Jonathan Kleck uncovers the darkest of all subliminal secrets in this Avocados From Mexico #AvoSecrets commercial and explains what is taking place in this world on a spiritual level.


Secret society members wearing masks and dark-hooded cloaks walk into a room centered around an obelisk.

The secret society leader gets off the throne and starts the meeting, “Good afternoon and welcome.” But they can’t hear him because the mask was muffling his voice, so they decide to all take their masks off.

The leader continues “How can we be a secret society…” and midsentence he decides to reach over and pause the mystic chanting noise playing from a cd player boombox.

During this scene, Jonathan Kleck noticed they just showed the secret of all secrets — look closely at the cd player boombox.

The pause button symbol makes two towers, “Track || 23”:

The secret is that two different races bred together, 23 chromosomes + 23 chromosomes, and one race spiritually cannibalizes the other race!

That’s what the twin tower bombing on 9/11 represented.

In the last scene of the commercial, a member of the secret society says “At least they don’t know about subliminal advertising..” to which another member replies, “That’s not even a thing.. right?”

Then this subliminal flash track appears in the commercial and exclaims “EAT THEM!” while avocados are swirling all around.

Avocados are shaped like the uterus and cervix, and avocados have been shown to balance and prevent cervical cancer! And guess what?

Just as it takes 9 months for a baby to fully develop in the womb, it takes an avocado exactly 9 months to grow from a blossom into a ripened fruit!

“EAT THEM!” — (Avocados from Mexico 2017 SuperBowl Commercial #AvoSecrets)

They are portraying cannibalism!

This commercial aired during the 2017 Super Bowl where it mocked 115 million viewers who were completely unaware that they were portraying cannibalism!

What do you think happens in the real occultic secret societies? What’s the big secret?

Avocados From Mexico — ALWAYS IN SEASON — #AvoSecrets

#AvoSecrets — What’s avo?

Avo spelled backward is ova. Ova are female eggs!


Avocado is the perfect fertility food, it even takes nine months to grow.

They are mocking everyone in this Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl commercial — the big secret is cannibalism!

The flesh is an energy transfer system for Satan to cannibalize God’s children — the human host body is the battleground for that.

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